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Vaginal treatment is the latest desirable treatment to be offered by MorenovaFem, a multi-purpose shockwave platform. Packed as a table-top, compact and lightweight device, MorenovaFem provides treatment for various ailments and chronic diseases long suffered by women. MorenovaFem offers multiple applicators, geometrically compatible with various medical and wellness applications.

Uniquely designed hand-held or arm-mounted applicators are shaped for smooth penetration and ease of comfort for the woman and caregiver. Various shapes and sizes are harmonious with the body’s contours and have been downsized to enable intimate applications to the clitoral/labia area as well as the vaginal zone. Those suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), vaginal atrophy, and more, now have a solution for internal treatment which is pain-free, anesthesia-free and designed for comfort with a small and smooth insertion.

Why choose MorenovaFem

Uncompromising safety

Low- to zero-risk, no heating,
no ablation, no side effects

Proven success rate

A long-lasting investment
that provides results that last

Optimal comfort

Outpatient setting, anesthetic-free, quick and painless

Time efficient

No preparations, no downtime,
no recovery time

Value based

Cost effective,
optimal patient satisfaction

Versatile platform

Multiple feminine
health indications


'Hands-free' application,
LAST technology

Technology & Innovation

Breaking New Ground in theFemTech Space

With safety and simplicity in mind, we developed MorenovaFem to treat the root cause and support the vagina’s natural ability to maintain and heal itself. Backed by science, MorenovaFem harnesses the power to generate new tissue growth, enhance blood flow, and improve overall vaginal form and performance, as well as Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). Overcoming technological constraints that have not previously allowed for low-intensity shockwaves to be applied transvaginally, this novel technology is likely to further enhance the clinical benefits.

State-of-the-Art Shockwave Technology

Shockwave therapy has been widely used therapeutically since the 1980s, evolving from its initial stage as the gold standard for urolithiasis to its regenerative effects in biological tissues. Particularly, Low-Intensity ShockWaves (LISW) have been shown to produce mechanic stress and microtrauma at the cellular level, that promote neovascularization at multiple layers.

Powered by the proprietary Large-Area Shockwave Technology (LAST), MorenovaFem is the only device on the market specifically designed for vulvovaginal health. Unlike other shockwave systems, MorenovaFem delivers a series of pulsed acoustic energy simultaneously to whole regions, to induce local controlled angiogenesis and significantly improve hemodynamics.

Scientific Evidence

What doctors say

“Having suffered through painful intercourse and other sexual dysfunction symptoms related to menopause, my patients were seeking ways to alleviate their symptoms. The prevalence of these conditions is quite high. With the increasing demand for quick-fix solutions, multiple treatment options have become available for indications of functional and esthetic vaginal problems.

Morenova is a novel energy-based procedure, with reproducible results that are consistent with the studies supporting the science behind it. This powerful form of energy can trigger the growth of new blood vessels (neovascularization) in the vaginal area on a cellular level, and in turn, restore women’s sexual vitality.

Our Morenova patients report substantial pain relief and improved sexual function, following the first treatment sessions. It can be an excellent alternative for patients who wish to avoid surgery or medication, as neither promotes such regenerative and durable responses. Patients note a significant improvement in their sensation and sexual satisfaction, also from their partners. Patients of mine suffering also from urinary incontinence have reported substantial improvement.”

Dr. Ioannis Zoumpos, Urologist

“We are very pleased with the Morenova results. Not only is the procedure fast and effective, but it also is very safe and simple, with no downtime and no complications.

This shockwave treatment comes with considerable research showing proven clinical results. Dedicated to addressing the root causes of urethral sphincter weakening and vasculogenic sexual dysfunction concerns, Morenova can restore the natural health and function of lower pelvic conditions.

As a physician, I am very pleased with the ease of operability of this particular device. Once its ‘hands-free’ articulated arm is locked in place, the nurse is free to perform other tasks and the privacy of my patients is guaranteed.”

Dr. Olga Majaj, Gynecologist

“Many of my peri- and post-menopause patients approach my practice due to vaginal laxity, urinary incontinence and esthetic concerns and dissatisfaction with vulvovaginal appearance.

While surgery can be a good solution for severe laxity, it doesn’t always help with sexual function and in some cases can even cause loss of sensation and pain during intercourse. I was looking for a non-surgical treatment that would spare my patients the risks, costs, long healing times and scarring associated with surgery.

Fortunately, Morenova has given me the ability to treat common feminine health conditions quickly, safely and effectively without relying on surgical procedures. Treatment with Morenova is well tolerated and my patients are very happy with their results. They are reporting a substantial difference in tightness, urine leakage and other menopausal symptoms.”

Dr. Laszlo Kornya, Gynecologist

A Multi-Purpose Platform

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MorenovaFem Vaginal Application

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